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Our "steam time" has come, considering the practicability of home, we have created a new category of "steam shower integrated room", which has opened a new era of health bath combining steam health preservation and health bathing. People who have experienced sweat steam will say that sweat is hot, and some people say it is very comfortable, but it is only a surface phenomenon. Sweat steam is not only the body heating, but also promotes human body heat. At the same time, the micro circulation of human body is restored through steam wet steam, far-infrared dry steaming and herb fumigation in the steam room, reactivates the remaining cells, and makes people redistribute vitality! Let us enjoy steaming at home, so as to release psychological pressure, stimulate physical vitality, maintain skin elasticity, and get a good young state.

In this exhibition, our achievements have been unanimously recognized by the manufacturers and customers, and we have benefited a lot from the exchange.

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