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Does the installation of shower room require tiling before starting the project?

If you consider making a water barrier or a shower enclosure before renovation, you should pay attention to water and electricity. First, a floor drain is necessary. The auxiliary floor drain is also the floor drain outside the shower cabin. It is optional. If possible, it is best to keep a copy. It is easier to clean after the water is blocked.
Secondly, after planning the location of the floor drain before decoration, we must consider the issue of the shower base. In one area, there is a water barrier inside and outside the floor drain. The thing to note here is that it depends on how the trap is installed:
1. No pre-buried water retaining. You must pay attention here. You can only make one slope and use the shower floor drain as the lowest point. This may lead to the possibility that the outdoor floor drain is not the lowest point. You need to clean with a broom. go in. If there is no pre-embedded water blocking, the later shower glass partition will not be able to pass through the roof, otherwise there will be a problem of the inclination angle of the glass partition, and it will not even be installed. Shower glass partitions cannot be installed next to the ceiling.
2. Pre-buried water retaining. At this time, two different slopes of the main and auxiliary floor drains can actually be achieved, but generally speaking, the slope of the main floor drain should be larger. As long as the auxiliary floor drain has a slope, it should not be too large. Excessive slope will affect the appearance, and probably other things behind it. Installation; pre-buried can keep the water at the top in a horizontal line, and the installation will not go wrong after the glass partition at the top.
Finally, if there is no pre-embedded water retention, you can install the water retention tiles directly after laying the tiles, or if you are using a shower room partition, you can measure and customize directly at the door of your home; if it is pre-embedded water storage, you need to lay the floor tiles in advance. Buy. Water blocking, pre-buried once, and after the tiles are laid in the later stage, enter the site to measure the exact size of the shower partition, and then install it.
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