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How to Choose a Bathtub?

From the style of the bathtub:
Clawfoot Bathtub
In the traditional classic bathtub style, the clawfoot bathtub is a freestanding bathtub that features a deep body and elegant clawfoot bathtub mounted on the clawfoot.The design dates back to the early Victorian bathrooms, which looked more luxurious while making efficient use of space and function, and are still popular today.
Freestanding Bathtubs
One of the most popular bathtub styles is the freestanding tub, and it's not hard to see why.Put bath crock aside directly namely on bathroom ground, inside and outside bright and clean, need not rely on a wall or put bath crock in toilet independently.This way of construction is convenient, easy maintenance, suitable for the ground has been decorated in the case of selection.Independent type bath crock does not need stage of build by laying bricks or stones, do not need skirt edge even, its distinctive effect, get many young people chase after in both hands,and price is proper.
Corner Tub
Corner tubs are usually installed in the corners of two adjoining walls to add more space to the bathroom interior, while increasing visual appeal and more use for relaxation and therapy, these tubs are more similar to hot tubs than regular tubs.
Walk-in bath
A walk-in tub is one that is installed so that the user can walk in and sit down without fear of slipping. The tub has grooves and notches inside to provide walking grip and often handles to aid balance and stability.Especially suitable for the elderly with mobility difficulties, it can directly open the door to get in and out, which improves the safety of bathing for many elderly people and improves their quality of life.

Acrylic bathtub advantages:
1. Acrylic bathtub due to its own heat transfer is slow, so its insulation effect is very good, even in the cold winter, a long time in the bathtub, the water temperature will not quickly cool.
2. Compared with cast iron bathtub, steel plate bathtub and ceramic bathtub, acrylic bathtub raw material production cost is low, so it is quite cheap in price, very suitable for ordinary people's choice.
3. If there are slight scratches on the acrylic surface, don't worry, the acrylic bathtub itself will have a certain degree of self-repair function.
4. Acrylic bathtub uniform color, smooth and white surface, will not harm the human skin, a long time in acrylic bathtub bath, but also make your skin become more tender and elastic.Additional, as a result of bath crock surface smooth, human body and bath crock collide, also won't hurt very commonly.
5. Acrylic bathtub for a long time, there will be no stratification and bubble phenomenon, gently knock there will be no hollow sound.

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