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How to choose hot spring hot tub heating equipment?

Heating equipment for hot spring hot tubs should meet the following requirements:
1. The heating equipment of the hot spring bath should have the characteristics of good heat exchange effect, high efficiency, energy saving, space saving and convenient maintenance.
2. Its structure should be simple, flexible, safe and reliable.
3. Chlorine-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials should be the best choice for hot spring bath heating equipment.
Hot water bath heating equipment should take the form of:
1. When the heat source is hot water or steam, the heat exchanger should be made of stainless steel.
2. When using an independent heat source, the hot water unit, that is, the fuel for the boiler and heat pump, should directly heat gas, fuel oil and coal.
3. In areas with sufficient electricity, electric water heaters can be used as a heat source, which is of course limited to small spas.
4. If you plan to use solar energy as a heat source, it is better to use a smooth material or a non-smooth material collector.

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