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There are plenty of advantages to taking an outdoor bath

A Guide to Outdoor Bathtubs
There are plenty of advantages to taking an outdoor bath: sunshine (if the weather allows it) and the relaxation you get from adding all your favorite garden decor ideas into the tub setup are two. Plus, unlike large hot tubs, outdoor bathtubs tend to be much smaller and easier to drain, making them suitable for spaces that don't accommodate a pool but still need that spa-like experience - ideal if space limitations prevent accessing an inground pool!
Are You Searching for the Ideal Bath Tub? (2018 Update)? Whether you prefer modern tubs with sleek, minimalist lines or classic clawfoot designs to express your farmhouse aesthetic, here is something on this list to suit any taste and preference. When planning outdoor bathrooms, check with your local council first as to whether resource or building permission and foundation requirements may apply; as well as how accessing water supply works and any permits or approval may also be needed if installing new septic systems - our comprehensive guide below should help.
Black concrete tubs make an excellent focal point in any modern backyard space, as they combine classic and minimal decor schemes. To further relax the atmosphere, pair one with an unstriped garden color scheme as well as plenty of lush vegetation like trailing ferns or Japanese forest grass for maximum effect.
This classic Japanese soaking tub stands out in our guide because of its exceptional interior depth and capacity, which allows two people to comfortably relax together. Crafted from high-grade oak wood, its interior has been treated with mineral oil as protection against mold growth; to clean, simply apply an antimold product as necessary.
If you want a forest spa feel, place your bathtub beneath a canopy of trees, such as these lovely birch and willow branches from this garden. Fill the tub with plenty of water before surrounding it with plants such as ferns that provide both texture and tones of green for an attractive blend.
Relax Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd offers this freestanding bath as an uncomplicated and natural approach to outdoor bathing, complete with a wood-burning stove that heats the water for you - just hop in and relax for up to two hours of rejuvenation! Suitable for either fresh or saltwater use and suitable for two adults at the same time; however it should not be used by children or animals.
While not bathing, you can gaze upon an incredible stargazing view or relax to the sound of gently rustling foliage from your seat. For an added dose of relaxation, string up fairy lights or dot the area with solar lanterns to create an idyllic ambiance for evening bathing sessions.

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