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Walk-in bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are suitable for people who can't move like the elderly.They are designed by opening the door and taking a bubble bath, so that the elderly can take a bath like sitting in a chair, so that they won't slip and fall or feel any discomfort. 

Many people, including the elderly, like to soak in the bathtub, which can relax muscles, relieve pain and have therapeutic effects. The walk-in bathtub provides a safe and convenient way for the elderly to take a bath.

 Most models have inward revolving doors, massage functions and safety functions, such as handrails and anti-skid surfaces.


1.Walk-in bathtub is safer and easier to use than conventional bathtub. They are designed to walk in, sit down, fill the tub, wash/soak, drain the tub and go out.
2.Walk-in bathtubs usually have hand-held shower heads and handrails. Some brands also have a complete bathtub/shower system that can be used as a shower.
3.Widely used.

A good walk-in bathtub will have:

1.Quick drainage function
3.Step into the height
4.Shower options
5.Grab bar-built
6.Non-slip surface
7.Where soap and shampoo are stored
9.Quick water filling faucet
10.Massage nozzle

Things to consider before buying There are a few things to consider:

 1. Hot Water Tank Capacity

2. The size of the bathroom

3. And whether you should also consider upgrading other bathroom supplies

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