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What are the advantages of a Jacuzzi?

1. Spa effect
There is a fitness therapy function in the jacuzzi. As long as you tap the water in the bath tub, it can automatically circulate as if it was injected with life. If you observe carefully, you can find that there will be whirlpools in the water, and the high-pressure water flow generated in this way can achieve the function of hydrotherapy and fitness around the human body.
2. Relieve stress
It is well known that ordinary hot tub bubbles can relieve stress, but it only relaxes tense muscles through high temperature. The Jacuzzi is different. There are small holes in the bottom and walls of the Jacuzzi, which are used to spray water. The high-pressure water flow on the four walls stimulates the acupuncture points of the human body to relax people, and the spout at the bottom can massage the back. The combination of the two can relieve the pressure more perfectly.
3. Timed intelligent water intake
Generally, the bathtub always stays beside the bathtub when the water is discharged, waiting for the water level to rise to the standard scale line. But the jacuzzi is different from the traditional bathtub. It has the function of timing intelligent water intake. Just set a time on the smart device, and you are responsible for enjoying it when the time comes, so that you don't spend time on the water.
4. Automatic cleaning and disinfection
Everyone knows that it is very pleasant to lie in the bathtub and enjoy a sunbath, but is it very difficult to clean up afterwards? A Jacuzzi can help you at this point. The automatic cleaning and disinfection function of the jacuzzi can easily complete the cleaning and self-disinfection with only one command, so that cleaning the bathtub becomes simple and time-saving.

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