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What are the characteristics of the shower room?

The standard size of the Shower Cabins is generally: 900mm*900mm, 900mm*1200mm, 1000mm*1000mm, 1200mm*1200mm, these four specifications, and the colors are bright silver, matte black and rose gold.
The hinges and hinges of heaven and earth are made of 304 stainless steel, both of which play the role of carrying the glass door, making it stable and not falling, with excellent safety. In terms of appearance, the hinge is more fashionable and beautiful, but in terms of price, the hinge will be more expensive; the upper rail can choose a full-covered design or a half-covered design. Relatively speaking, the full-covered design is more stable and safe, while the half-covered design The structure of the side is relatively fashionable; the opening direction and handle can be determined according to the layout of the bathroom. The opening method is generally a swing door, which requires a certain space to open the door. Usually, the swing door can be installed without obstructing the bathroom.
When purchasing, we should also pay attention to whether the glass surface is affixed with an explosion-proof film. Even if the tempered glass self-explodes, there is no need to worry that the explosives will hurt personal safety, so that our shower life is guaranteed; if you do not like transparent glass, you can also choose Opaque glass such as frosted and frosted provides excellent privacy. The diamond-shaped shower room does not occupy a large area, and it can be installed in a small corner to complete the separation of dry and wet. If you can't judge which style your bathroom can make, you might as well give the floor plan to the Shower Enclosure Manufacturers, and let them help with the design. Customize according to your needs.

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