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What kind of jacuzzi fulfills all your fantasies about jacuzzi?

1. Lie down comfortably, relax your body and mind
The ergonomic sloping design fits comfortably with the human spine, allowing you to lie on your back comfortably and enjoy spa time.
Features: LED Symphony Light Therapy: Scientific application of optical physiotherapy can improve the mood while regulating human metabolism and blood circulation.
2. Health physiotherapy system, every second is enjoyment
Surfing massage: The flowing hot water sprayed can relax the muscles and help release the body's natural pain reliever - endorphins to achieve the effect of massage;
Bubble massage: Each jet hole is designed according to the acupoints of the human body, and the acupoints are stimulated by water flow, so as to relieve muscle fatigue and relieve nervous tension;
Back hyperthermia: constant temperature heating, automatically adjust the back temperature, help to clear the back meridians. (Jacuzzi)
3. One-piece molding, natural
Breaking through the traditional craftsmanship, the minimalist and ultra-thin one-piece molding is natural and beautiful.
Fourth, the climax of science and technology, gracefully and calmly meet every challenge
No water storage pipeline: no water storage, no water accumulation, to prevent the growth of bacteria, in addition, every bath is healthy and fresh.
Smart touch bath tub: super-sensing light touch plane, you can easily control massage, music, germicidal lamp functions.

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