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What should be paid attention to when installing the water retaining strip in the shower room?

When installing shower enclosures at home, many people should consider the problem of water seepage. We can conclude that there are two key points that are not well controlled. One is that the position of the shower room's sewer nozzle is not the lowest, and the water collected in the floor drain can all be received from the sewer, while the water in the floor tile joints is concentrated in the sand cushion, and the more it accumulates, the more it seeps outward.
The other is that the water retaining strip has no real function as a water retaining strip. The water at the bottom of the shower room flows out of the threshold like a flood that breaks the bank, harming the skirting line and wallpaper in the public area. The installation of the water retaining strip recommended here is to put the two key points above into practice, ensure the lowest outlet of the sewer pipe, drain all the water in the floor drain and brick joints, and let the water retaining strip really play the role of water retaining.
Suggestion of Shower Bases Manufacturers 1. The first step is to test the waterproof of the floor after cast-in-situ.
2. The second step is to lay powder water retaining strip, which is required to be fully and seamlessly connected with the original wall and ground. If necessary, a little slope shall be poured again to ensure the lowest point of the sewer nozzle. The nozzle shall be cut off and the waterproof shall be brushed again (it is also possible to cut the sewer nozzle after the waterproof of the water retaining strip is completed).
After the water retaining foundation of the shower room is firm, the inside and outside of the shower room are brushed with two layers of waterproof paint to ensure that the water retaining strip really plays a role in water retaining. After the waterproof is completely dry and the floor waterproof of the shower room space is checked to ensure that there is no mortar leakage, the tiles can be pasted. If the mason stands in the shower room for construction, he should check whether there are sharp objects on the sole of the shoes that cut the waterproof layer. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the drain pipe orifice of the shower room is cut off completely. If the floor waterproof is damaged due to cutting on the edge of the pipe orifice, the waterproof treatment should be brushed again.

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