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Why is sliding show enclosure so popular?

Generally speaking, long and narrow bathrooms are more suitable for installing sliding shower enclosure. As each family has a different house type, the one size fits all shower rooms are non-standard customized. The materials are stainless steel and space aluminum. The glass thickness is 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Most families use 6mm and 8mm. The color of the frame can be divided into three colors: matt black, bright silver and brushed gold. Black and silver are versatile, and gold is more suitable for installation in ornate spaces; The door opening modes include double door mutual movement, one solid and one active, two solid and two active, double door linkage, three door linkage, inward opening, outward opening, etc. In addition, the stone base is available in black and white, which can be matched with the color of the shower room.
A good Shower Cabins brand. The glass surface of the shower room will be pasted with an explosion-proof membrane and equipped with nano self-cleaning technology. In this way, not only the safety is guaranteed, but also the daily cleaning work will be much easier; The pulley is made of 304 stainless steel, which is more durable. In normal use, pay attention to the maintenance of the shower room, try not to hit it, and clean it regularly to keep it clean.

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