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Can the bath tub be heated only without dehumidification?

First of all, only heating the hot tub without dehumidification will be detrimental to the health of the body. Because the hot tub water continues to evaporate, the relative humidity of the indoor air is high and the water content increases. The air with high humidity is not good for people's comfort and health. According to relevant research, when the air humidity is less than 40% or greater than 60%, the virus Bacteria are very easy to breed. If people are in this environment for a long time, they will feel stuffy and easily lead to respiratory problems.
Secondly, the environment with high air humidity will cause certain corrosion to the bath tub equipment and indoor buildings, and the walls may be mildewed. In severe cases, the appearance and service life of the building will be affected.
In addition, the evaporation of the freestanding bath will take away a lot of heat energy. If the bath tub constant temperature dehumidification equipment system is not used for recycling, it will cause a waste of energy. Using the bath tub constant temperature dehumidification heat pump equipment, the humid air with heat in the bath tub can be recovered. After the process of steam condensation and heat release, the equipment will send the dry air to the room for recycling, saving energy and improving heating efficiency. .
In short, the use of bath tub equipment together with heating and dehumidification is beneficial to people's health, to protect bath tub equipment and indoor building decoration, to improve the overall heating operation energy efficiency of bath tub, and to improve the comfort of indoor bathtub.

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