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How to design your bathroom?

Determine the color of the shower cabin space
Nothing refreshes a room like a change of color. If you have a sense of drama, black can make your bathroom stunning. Whether it's modern, traditional or Art Deco - matching black baths really work well with deep shades of bitter chocolate and muted grey. Or with soft fudge accents, or even a touch of lime green. Color combinations can really affect what you're trying to say about your bathroom. Navy blue and pure white, soft chocolate and creamy caramel, or lazy blue and cream with a dash of strawberries; these are some inspiring combinations to keep your creativity flowing.
You decide which style you choose can be enhanced by your freestanding bathtub and other hardware
Anyone from traditionalists to Victorian or contemporary enthusiasts can find a freestanding bathtub to aptly express this decorating style. Claw feet and china or a freestanding boat bath can completely change the style and feel of a room. Or opt for a cast stone freestanding tub as I did. With a little expert advice, your dream bathroom can be transformed into a concrete reality. Jacuzzis, roll-top and slipper baths are some of the items to consider.

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